INTERIOR DESIGN: Our interior design process is a comprehensive analysis of customer needs combined with product knowledge. Our team of designers is focused on creating functional and innovative spaces for our clients.


Specialising in a wide range of corporate, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality projects.

CAD Design

  • Identify client objectives
  • Field measurements
  • Evaluate individual client requirements

Interior Design

  • Develop interior workplace design & space planning
  • Develop furniture specifications
  • Provide finishes and materials
  • Provide an enjoyable and functional workspace


Our preliminary design process is a comprehensive combination of field measuring and client needs analysis, as well as determining physical constraints. During this stage of design the sales person and designer meet with the client to determine the specific criteria needed for the project. This criterion usually involves space planning, and initial furniture selections. Once all of the information has been gathered the design development process can be started.


Design development process is one of the most important stages of the design process. Throughout this phase, the designer takes all the information gathered from the preliminary design analysis and applies it to the project. At this time the designer finalizes space plans to create floor plans. Two dimensional and three dimensional drawings are then created to give the client an understanding of the finished result. Once drawings are completed, more specific furniture selections, as well as finishes are determined. Specifying the finishes of the furniture is very important, whereby it allows the designer to create a color rendering for the client. Once all drawings have been produced the sales person takes the information to the client for review and sign-off approval.


After the client has reviewed all drawings and specifications with the salesperson, the drawings are returned to the designer for any necessary changes. Once all final drawings are completed, final specifications are made and the initial sales pricing proposal is created. This proposal, along with the finalized drawings, is sent to the sales person who then completes the quote for presentation to the client.

Ford Field:

Private offices, workstations, storage solutions, conference room along with new seating though out.



Open workstations, collaboritive areas, reception desk and lobby furniture.


Group 10 Management:

Reception and lobby furniture, workstations, filing banks, private offices, and breakroom furniture.